What does your Judo Belt mean?

Now that you have started judo, you will be aware that a big part of the sport are the grades. But what does it all mean?

The colour of your belt shows others what grade you are and how much you know about judo. If you are under eight you will start with Kai Grades, then once you turn 8 you will progress on to Mon grades. When you become a senior member you will be able to start on the Kyu grades and work towards your Black belt.

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    If you have not yet had your 8th birthday you will start off with Kai Grades.

    You will have to learn different judo techniques, Japanese words and know various judo rules to achieve each of your belts but you don’t have to fight or win any judo contests.


    Once you turn 8 you will move onto the Mon grades. There are 18 Mon grades, with six coloured belts, each grade is distinguished by coloured tabs on your belt.

    Like the Kai grades you will have to know different judo techniques, words and rule. Once you have reached 10th Mon, you will have to put what you have learnt into practise against an opponent.


    Once you have completed the Mon Grade syllabus/ turn sixteen you can progress to the Kyu Grades and continue your pathway to towards the prestigious Dan grades.

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